Live Webcast Events

Our Technical Team regularly run Live Webcast Events on various topics across all software we support: Civil 3D, AutoCAD, Civil Site Design & Stringer Survey Suite.

Webcasts are a great way of learning new tools and techniques, or keeping up to date with the latest software developments. 

Our webcasts are interactive and we encourage attendees to submit questions, live, to our panel and have them answered during the session.

If you are unable to attend a Live Webcast, or you want to share with others, then check out our YouTube Channel: Webcast Playlist for recordings.

We have a Webcast Suggestion Box for any webcast ideas you may have about the software we support. Feel free to send us your ideas.

April 2020

9th April, 2020

Have you ever needed to setup a multi user project but don’t know how to?
Is that project just too big and you need to break it up into stages?
Or is that deadline looming and your colleague offer to do the drainage design but you don’t know how share what you’ve already done?

Then this webcast is for you!

Watch and learn how to share your civil data with others. Work on the road design whilst a colleague designs the drainage.

Civil Site Design combined with Civil 3D gives you the flexibility to share your surfaces, alignments, roads and pipe networks and work collaboratively on a project.

During this webcast we will look at:

  • Setting up the Civil 3D Data Shortcuts
  • Sharing surface and alignments
  • Setting up the CSD Data Share
  • Sharing your road and pipe data

Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved!!!

16th April, 2020

Whether you have been using AutoCAD for a short time or you are a seasoned AutoCAD user we all work differently. With this webinar we are presenting some of the lesser known AutoCAD commands and adding some tips along the way. There will be something for everyone, there is bound to be a tip or two that you can take away to improve your productivity.

Some of the tools we be will be looking at are but not limited to:

  • Customisation
    • Adding commands to the Quick Access Menu
    • Creating keyboard shortcuts for those commonly used commands
  • Block Management
    • Exploding blocks and retaining the attribute content
    • Counting blocks in your drawing
  • File and Content
    • Importing objects from other drawings
    • Easy access to project folders
    • Copy and object from an Xref into the current drawing
  • Working with drawing objects
    • Cycle through overlapping viewports
    • Delete overlapping objects
    • Repeating commands
    • Using Action Recorder to create macros

23rd April, 2020

Civil Site Design users will have intimate knowledge of the renowned Vertical Grading Editor and the Cross Section Viewer and as this is such a popular tool, it has experienced a series of improvements throughout development cycles. 

Often there are tweaks and tabs added in a new build that may not be immediately obvious and so this Webinar is intended to assist users navigate these interfaces by demonstrating:

  • Vertical grading Editor (VGE):
    • How to edit your design using some of the tools in the Home Tab.
    • Managing the Auto Profile.
    • Explaining the Exaggeration setting.
    • Utilising the IP Reference.
    • Viewing other strings and surfaces in the VGE using Design Constraints.
    • Accessing other tools directly from the VGE.
    • VGE Settings and Display options
    • Right click access to the Cross Section Viewer.
  • Cross Section Viewer (CSV):
    • Scrolling in the ribbon to step through chainages.
    • Changing the Display Settings to reveal or hide information such as Codes and Offsets.
    • Set the Crossfall Switch Percentage to change from X% to 1:Y display.
    • Displaying other Alignment and String information in the CSV.
    • Direct Section Editing.

Webcast Suggestion Box

Webcast Suggestion Box