Civil Survey Solutions

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 Drawing Templates

The Civil 3D 2011 drawing templates are available for download.  These are alternative templates to those available as part of the Australian Country Kit and do not rely on the US CAD Layer Standards for presentation of the Civil 3D object data.  

Our drawing templates include numerous styles and settings for all objects in AutoCAD Civil 3D including new features and objects included in the 2011 release, with a focus on minimising Civil 3D object layers in the drawing.  A strict convention has been applied to layer names and colours to enable you to immediately present and plot out directly from the drawing and make it easier to manage layers.  

For more information on our layer and colour conventions please click here or click on the Technical Notes link below.

We have developed two versions of the template, with the 'layer controlled' template being best suited to surveyors wanting more layer control over their points and point labels.  The 'layer controlled' template assigns separate layers to each point object and label that is represented by the Description Key Set.  In both templates the Description Key Set includes comprehensive alpha and numeric code sets. 

Click to Download

Civil Survey Solutions 2011.dwt

Civil Survey Solutions 2011 - Layer Control

Technical Notes - Civil Survey Solutions 2011 drawing templates

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